Popular Cultural and Art Festivals in the USA

The USA is a land of festivals. Here, you can come across a festival at any time of the year. These festivals usually relate to culture, art, music, food, and fashion. By participating in most of these festivals, you can know the traditions, history, culture, and art of the different states.

Discussed below are the unique American festivals, which tells you more about the culture and art of the country.

National Cowboy Poetry Gathering – Elko, Nevada

The major highlights of this festival include a mustachioed man who stands on stage, a psychedelic beat-poetry, reciting of challenging poems by the high school students and singing of improvised verses by Basque bertsolaris.

This festival takes you back into the history of the black cowboy music. With a view to witness the cultural activities at the annual National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, you should visit Nevada during mid-winter.

Boston Tea Party Reenactment – Boston, Massachusetts

Boston celebrates this festival every year to commemorate the day of the American Revolution. Participants enjoy the Boston Tea Party Reenactment. More than 100 re-enactors take part in this reenactment party while wearing a full costume.

The recreation of the angry mob requires the participation of the visitors. This adds the pinch of reality to the procession, which was held on one December night years ago. This festival is the best way to dive into the history and learn how the American Revolution took place.

Burning of Zozobra – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Although there are some other festivals in the US where you can enjoy the view of a burning statue, Santa Fe’s annual Burning of Zozobra is something different. This festival marks the rise of the Fiestas de Santa Fe.

Commonly known as “Old Man Gloom,” Zozobra, is a monster of myth. People associated with this festival believe that Zozobra is the enemy of the world. This monster comes to life every year, as people continue to commit evil deeds throughout the year.

With a view to eradicating the evil spirit, people burn the Zozobra with huge flames. Once the world is free from the evil creature, people start to celebrate the victory with music and dancing.

Hemingway Days – Key West, Florida

This festival is the Hemingway Look-Alike Contest, which tends to exhibit tradition of the Key West. It is a way to celebrate the most popular author of the Conch Republic. The event takes place at the Sloppy Joe’s Bar.

The judges are also there to identify the older and heavier men with full beards. Entrants should not only resemble the Hemingway, but they must also speak like him. The participants can’t bring hats, balloons, or animals on the stage.

Calaveras Jumping Frog Jubilee – Angels Camp, California

The first official frog-jumping contest took place in 1928 in the town of Angels Camp. This marks the celebration of excitement when people of Angels Camp got their first paved Main Street. The basic theme behind this idea comes from a short story written by Mark Twain.

The town decided to bring this famous literary work into the limelight. Hence, “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County,” served as the most obvious reason behind this tradition.

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