Bali Island – An Untouched Tropical Paradise!

Do you dream about going to a place where you can enjoy the serenity of nature away from the hustle bustle of the city? Then we have a great option for you to plan your upcoming vacations. Bali! It’s one of the last travel options which has still remain untainted from the modern world. Most of the island is untouched wilderness and if you choose a secluded place to stay, you’ll just hear frogs croaking and crickets chirping once the sun set down. Some of the elements which make Bali so uniquely popular are beaches, terraces, waterfalls, and cafes. Bali is undoubtedly the perfect place for a vacation whether your aim is to advance your yoga practice, detox, enjoying the beach with the renowned Indonesian beer, Bintang or to simply get an experience of a culture very different from yours.

Bali is actually one of the most sought after destinations for both honeymoons and recoveries. So, whether you are a newly wed looking to experience the beauty of Bali, or are just getting out of addiction treatment or a rehab program, Bali offers beautiful, serene nature settings to have an incredible experienc

Now here are some options of private accommodations in Bali which will help you to check out your options and plan your journey.

Private Retreats:-

There are lots of options for secluded, beautiful and tranquil private accommodations in Bali. To enjoy a private Bali holiday, Villas will be perfect. Here are some of the recommendations from previous tourists for seclusion and privacy:-

•    Laguna Spa and Resort, Nusa Dua

•    Spa Village Resort, Tembok Bali

•    Chedi Club, Tanah Gajah, Ubud 

•    Komaneka, Monkey Forest, Ubud

•    Kupu Kupu Barong Tree Spa & Villas, Ubud

Such Villas are larger than an average hotel room and yes! It’s very much reflected in their prices as well. But, your credit card will soon forgive you all about it when you will sit in a quiet veranda amidst mountains, sipping cocktails on a beach!

Private attractions in Bali

Check out Bali’s secluded beaches, it’s a must-do. We will explore some most renowned private beach options. If you want to do something other than simply lazing on the beach and getting a tan then here are some other options for you:-

•    Uluwatu Half Day tour: – This includes a visit to Kayangan Jagat temple, explore 100-meter rocky drops in ocean, place where Dang Hyang Nirartha discovered enlightenment.

•    Besakih Mother Temple visit: – It starts from Old Court justice at Goa Lawah and KlungKung, Bat Holy Cave and spends a lot of time exploring Pura Besakih, largest temple of the island and including temple compounds around the structure.

•    Bike Tours: – Bike tours are quite popular in Bali. You can enjoy your day with Bali Rice farmers and rural people and get a real; life experience of their fascinating lives!

Bali’s private beaches

If your main aim to visit Bali is to enjoy their beaches then you can book your hotel in Bali from April to October i.e. Dry Season. You can also book in wet season which will help you save a lot of money. Plan your trip in advance to avoid downpours and you will be able to have the beach all to yourself without spending a lot!

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