An Eggcellent Easter in England

Are you looking for fabulous ways to celebrate Easter? Well, there are quite some things you can do in England over the holiday weekend. From dinner out, egg hunts with kids, an Easter Bunny visit, to taking a leisurely Easter walk through nature reserves and woodlands in London. England has some yearly traditions you can enjoy on your family trip.

While a majority of events take place on Easter Sunday, some take place weeks or over the weekend or two before in March. Make sure to check out more information for areas you are planning to visit before finalizing your vacation plans. Here are some ideas;

Easter Brunch in England

Easter brunch is a favorite of many in England, so make bookings early for your preferred restaurants as tables fill up fast, especially on the holidays. The Spaniards Inn, Prospect of Whitby, Lamb & Flag are among the most popular restaurants and pubs serving up a tasty meal for a holiday.

Preferably, you could spend the entire day on ski camp in Chiswick, where you can enjoy race training, synchronized skiing, golf, video analysis and junior après ski: ping-pong games and a free Skyride,

England’s Easter egg hunts

Nothing beats an Easter egg hunt; The National Trust has created 300-plus trails for egg hunts across the country and eggsplorers are encouraged to navigate NT lands – from coastlines to historic houses – and are rewarded with chocolate treats. There also various egg hunts across the country, for example in London there are several, around Stratford and Kew Gardens.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Depending on the weather, if it is excellent, take a stroll along the mountains, jog, walk or take a mountain bike rides in Brechfa Forest. Go and explore one of England’s best places in nature and parks. Go for a picnic and admire the early spring flowers.

Easter Church Services

Easter is widely celebrated by Christian marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Whether you are Christian-curious, religious Christian, or just plain curious, a church service on Easter Sunday can be exciting, and it’s an essential traditional part of England’s culture. Various churches in England offer sunrise Easter services and their own Easter egg hunts. So check out a congregation in your area for the experience.

Easter Festival

There are many festivals to entertain during the weekend and plenty of spots to choose from, too. Porthleven food festival in Helston offers a variety of street performers, Taiko drumming, big bands and barbecued fish, a funfair, treasure hunts, cake decorating, face painting, food stalls and more. Chester food festival, on the other hand, is kids’ cooking workshops, organized by the Academy of Culinary Arts, to get young chefs excited about food.

To sum it up, many great annual events are happening in England, so if you’re planning an extended vacation, you have a month full of activities to experience. While most attractions are open over the Easter bank holiday, it’s good to check with individual venues in advance; particularly to find what is open on Easter Sunday.